Earn Commission With Our Loyalty Scheme

We value our customers. They mean a lot to us. Our customers are the life blood of our company and we want to be paying you!

We value our customers

If you are an existing customer you will be given a unique code and we will pay you 10% of every referral that books an annual 4-6 weekly clean with us. So, imagine that your own windows cost £20 every 6 weeks but you refer us to 10 friends/family/neighbours and they all have £20 a clean on a schedule. That means that your commission is £20 and therefore your window cleaning is free. Now, if you doubled that amount of referalls and they all had £20 cleans it means that we will be cleaning your windows for free and paying you £20! If you post our services on Facebook you will also get your commission. You get your monthly commission for as long as that customer continues using us.

Now I am sure you get the idea, 30 referrals = free window clean and £40, 40 referrals= free window clean and £60 and so on and so forth.

Earn Commission With Our Loyalty Scheme

Want to earn even more?

Want to earn even more? How about becoming a door canvasser for us? For every regular window cleaning contract you get us we will pay you the value of the first clean to you as a one off commission. You may knock a 100 doors and not get 1 or you could knock 100 doors and get 25 customers. If each of those customers had a £20 clean then you have earnt yourself £500 commission! Commission is only paid once a contract has been signed and the new customer has paid for their first clean. If a new customer cancels at any time then a proportion of the commission paid to you will be deducted from your next commission or paid back to us if you no longer want to canvas (this is just to stop fraudulence) . For door canvassing we will give you a script which you can modify to your own style and all the relevant promotional materials and contracts.

Obviously when you knock doors there will be a percentage of people who aren’t in so you may feel that you have walked up that driveway for nothing. Well, we have thought of that and have printed leaflets which can be popped through the letterbox. All you have to do is write your unique code on the leaflet so that we know who we have to pay the commission to should that household book us for a clean.

Please note that all commission payments are made without any tax deductions and that you agree that it is your duty to inform HMRC and pay any relevant tax.

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