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At Extreme Handyman we provide fencing services in Weybridge. When your home or residential fencing needs fixing, Extreme Handyman is the only answer!

Fencing can have a huge impact on the structural integrity of your garden as well as its aesthetic beauty, which is why you should always look to keep yours in the best possible condition. With our array of Weybridge fencing services, staying on top of the challenge just became all the more simpler.

So, even if the situation currently looks bleak, Extreme Handyman in Weybridge can get your garden back to its peak.

When Do Your Fences Need Attention?

Fencing can become faulty or problematic for a whole host of reasons, and those issues can be attributed to;

  • Storm damage
  • Earthquakes
  • Flooding
  • Fallen trees or overgrown plants
  • Damage caused by people
  • General wear and tear over time
  • And more

Whatever the issue may be, it’s imperative that you act on the situation at the earliest stage possible. After all, the longer you leave those issues untreated, the worse they’ll inevitably become. When you need a reliable fencing service to rectify the damage and prevent further issues, Extreme Handyman are ready to answer your call.

Repair Or Replace? That Is The Question

No two gardens or commercial areas are the same, which is why it’s vital for your project to be monitored on its own individual merits. One of the biggest decisions, however, is deciding whether to repair or replace the fence.

Repair jobs will be cheaper as long as it’s the right decision, although ignoring the need for replacement could come back to haunt you in the long run. Meanwhile, a new fence gives you complete control over the look and style. In addition to costing a little more, however, it can take a little more time. Thankfully, Extreme Handyman in Weybridge can dispose of your old fencing whilst replacing or repairing.

As with most decisions connected to any property, there are pros and cons to consider. With our unbiased support, you’ll be sure to make the right selection for your specific requirements. Get this wrong, and you’ll never unlock the full potential of your external areas.

Speed Or Quality - Why Not Have Both?

Are you a local business or homeowner in Weybridge? If so Extreme Handyman can help you with all kinds of landscaping services including fencing supply and installation. When considering a professional fencing service, there will be several items on your checklist. On the one hand, you’ll want to enjoy your new and improved garden at the earliest stage possible. On the other hand, however, you need to know that the aesthetic beauty will be built to last.

At Extreme Handyman, our experienced specialists can work through your project at speed without compromising on quality. More importantly, all products used by our team are sourced from reputable suppliers. All fence panels are covered by a non rot guarantee, while fence posts and panels are designed to your needs. This can include pressure treated panels, dip treated panels, contract fence panels in a variety of styles such as closed-board panels and fancy continental panels.

Have It Your Way

Whichever option you take regarding replacement or repairs, knowing that the finished product will be to your liking is essential. While the Extreme Handyman team can certainly point you towards some inspirational ideas, the final decision ultimately lies with you.

While wood fencing is the most likely solution, there are a host of panel design and colours to choose from. Everything from height to framework will impact the function as well as the aesthetics. Meanwhile, you may wish to consider chainlink, rabbit and deer fencing for a different look and added protection.

Perimeter function has a huge impact on the garden appeal, but still needs to work with the other key features. Extreme Handyman offers a host of additional landscaping services too. When using our fencing services, you will be left extremely satisfied with what we have provided you with.

Why Choose Extreme Handyman?

Aside from providing high quality fencing services with lasting quality, Extreme Handyman offers a host of additional landscaping services. Free no obligation quotes and continued communication throughout the process make our fencing services the most convenient in the area, whilst the sheer range of fencing products we provide ensure you get the exact service you required. Moreover, our endorsements and trade approvals confirm the consistent quality that all clients can enjoy.

Take the first step towards getting your garden back to its best by calling on 0208 224 0830 today.

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