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As part of our home services we now offer professional gutter cleaning services to our clients using the revolutionary Sky Vac equipped with CCTV allowing our operative to be able to see and inspect your guttering as it is being cleaned. With the added function of playback this allows the client to see our workmanship, this is somewhat therapeutic to watch!

The Sky Vac has powerful turbines that create massive suction allowing us to clean gutters up to three storeys high leaving behind clean gutters that drain freely.

Regular gutter cleaning

The build-up of dirt in the gutters causes many problems. The extra weight as the dirt becomes soaked can cause the gutter brackets to break leading to costly repairs. Also, the most common causes of damp in a property are from where the gutters are continually over-spilling. These problems are resolved with regular cleaning.

Our price is £3 per linear metre and our minimum order for this service is £40.

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