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Water Fed Pole window cleaning

You wouldn’t wash your dishes with cold water. You know that they wouldn’t be totally clean, so why do most pole fed window cleaning companies use cold water?

Traditional ladder window cleaning companies usually use warm water and chemicals to get the streak-free clean that you are after but unfortunately all cleaning chemicals leave a sticky residue which means that your windows get dirty quicker.

The easiest way to prove this by putting a drop of washing up liquid into the palm of your hand, rub it in and then feel how sticky your hand is! Add into the equation that your prized petunias may get trampled and your sills get ladder marks on them then you can see why the water fed pole (WFP) with purified water has taken off with our feet still firmly on the ground!

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Window cleaning has evolved. Have a look at this video clip from the Ionics Thermopure website

5 Benefits of our Water Fed Pole (WFP) cleaning system

  • The WFP cleaning system gives you a longer lasting clean and provides a safer working environment for window cleaning companies.
  • By using purified hot water with our system you will find that not only do your windows stay clean longer but the frames and sills clean up better. This can easily be seen on facias, soffits and conservatories.
  • The purified water works by removing the dissoluble solids in the water so it is impossible for the windows to dry streaky or water spotted. The water we use has a ZERO TDS (total dissolved solid) reading so when we do your window cleaning the rinsed windows have a TDS of zero and are left to dry naturally.
  • We can provide a window cleaning service all year round – in rain, sun, snow and ice. Visit Because rainwater contains elements of pollution this means that it has a TDS above Zero but the TDS is diluted down due to our system of pure water so you still get spot free cleaning. We guarantee this. Only electrical storms, winds over 30mph and torrential rain stops us!
  • When cleaning your windows we clean the frames and sills for free.

To work out a price for your home we work on the law of averages. £1.50 per window up to 1m high and 2m wide regardless of how many openers. and £1.50 per each opening door up to 2m high and 1m wide. It can take up to 3 cleans to get the plastics around the windows etc up to scratch as there can be quite a build up of previous chemicals and ingrained dirt.

So for quick reference the pricing for up to 2m x 1m window or door is as follows. Regular 4 weekly clean £1.50 per window / door, 6 weekly £2.25 per window / door, 8 weekly £2.50 per window / door and over 8 weeks is from £3 per window / door.

Purified hot water window cleaning

Because we use hot pure water, the first clean, which is the hardest is charged at the same price as your regular 4 or 6 week clean when you book us in on an annual schedule paid by direct debit. If you decide not to have a regular schedule and just a 1 off clean then it will be from £2.50 per window depending on soiling. If you book a regular clean but then cancel your regular contracted clean then we reserve the right to charge extra for the first clean that you had. We can’t be fairer than that! Here is a copy of the contract.

Window cleaning is for general dirt and algae etc. We can attempt to remove staining on upvc and conservatory roofs etc using specialist chemicals and materials. This service is an extra cost and we cannot guarantee to remove every stain.

An annual contract will need to be signed, minimum order is £15.

Because our system was hugely expensive and our running costs are higher as we have to heat the water you may find us a little more expensive than window cleaners before. It isn’t because we are being greedy, it is so we can do the best job technology can provide.

So why have we added window cleaning to the rest of our services?

Once again there is an honest and simple answer. In the past 10 years I have had 6 window cleaners, all of which were happy to do the first clean as they charged a lot more for that so, therefore, more money in their pockets for fewer customers. None of them kept to their scheduled 6 week clean and although all are still trading when I chased them up they want to charge me again as a first clean! I am sorry but I won’t have that as that is not how I treat my clients and it isn’t how I want to be treated myself.

The prices above are based on windows of an average cleanliness, builders cleans or exceptionally neglected windows we may charge more but it will be a fair price.

We also clean shop signs, facades and commercial windows, solar panels, facias, soffits, gutters and conservatories.

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Facias, soffits and gutter cleaning

We will clean your FSG (Facia, soffits and guttering) using our Hot pure water pole system and we will pre-spray heavily soiled areas with specialist UPVC cleaners if needed prior to cleaning. The price for this service is £3 per linear metre with a minimum order of £30 for this service. Whilst we are cleaning your roofline UPVC why don’t you get your gutters cleaned and inspected with our Guttervac? We can also professionally clean conservatories, shop fronts, facades and other areas for you and we will happily arrange a site visit to come and quote for you.

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